Top 5 Ways Promotional Tote Bags Deliver For Brands

Tote bags are totes in right now.

These days, you don’t have to be a lifestyle brand to reap the rewards of lifestyle marketing and merchandising. From apparel to kitchenware, far more brands are integrating promotion with lifestyle.

One of the most popular forms of totally lifestyle-integrated advertising is the screen printed promotional tote bag. It seems like you can’t walk more than a few blocks from your house before spotting someone toting a cloth bag full of groceries, library books, or picnic items. Slapping your brand’s logo on a tote is a great way to unify your base, increase brand recognition, and build a lasting relationship with your audience.

Here are the top 5 ways promotional tote bags can deliver big for brands.
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How green is your ink? Environmental Impact of Water Based vs. Plastisol Inks

Your T-shirts say more than that you like Justin Bieber. On each of your tees, your environmental impact is literally written in ink.

Traditionally, choosing the right ink for your tee has been a combination of quality, ease of use, and price. However, for designers and consumers today, the environmental impact of our choices matter more than ever before. If you’re looking for eco-friendly screen printing that doesn’t affect quality or price, what are your options?

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Why You Should Be Using Water Based Ink

Choosing the right ink for your tee is vital. Water based ink helps you to not only to get the most out of your design, but also to create the softest, most comfortable shirt possible.

Your beautiful, vibrant screen printed design and super soft tee can feel ruined when it’s been printed with an ink that feels rough and itchy on the skin or one that quickly cracks and peels as it wears. Believe us, we know, it’s torture. Luckily, using custom-made blends of water based and discharge inks with high quality fabrics s a great recipe for making your new favorite tee.

So what exactly are water based and discharge inks?
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Top 5 Ways to Save When Ordering Wholesale Custom Shirts and Other Screen Printed Products

I’ve heard “Hey, where’d you get that rad shirt?” way more than “hey, which digital agency designed your website?”

Custom screen printed t-shirts and swag bring people together and promote your brand in a profoundly personal way. What better way for your fans to show that they’re one of the select few who love your products, your band merch, or your events?
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